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I grew up in an auto-family near Detroit, Michigan. I studied hard, paid my way through college, and graduated with a degree in Chemistry.

I had always wanted to be a chemist. Through my youth my family would work to find me chemicals wherever they could. Funding my own at-home endeavors in their own way. I carried out elaborate experiments all in my back yard. At times it's a wonder I survived.

After I received my degree, I moved from Michigan to the first state willing to offer me a job, Wisconsin. I traveled a lot in the hazardous waste industry, but I had stretched myself too thin. My car had gone up in flames, and I was sleeping in a pile of clothes. Because of my financial situation, I had to sneak my clothes in with other tenants laundry. In-spite of the issues, my future wife joined me. Together we started making a life in Wisconsin.

There was however a second passion in my life. I've written short stories for years, progressing from creative writing classes, to fanfiction, and finally to original fiction. Even working full-time, keeping up the house, keeping my wife happy, and making sure the dogs are taken care of, I still manage to complete one novel-length work of fiction a year.

Now, my new goal is to begin working through my catalog of works and begin publishing them on Amazon one per year. I am hopeful, and excited, about exploring this new electronic medium.

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A hundred thousand watts of power.

It's enough energy to run a home for a year, or reduce it to rubble in an instant. It's also the output of your favorite radio station.  The energy flows around us all the time, ever if it cannot be seen or felt. 

Kazuki was born with the ability to feel these radio stations.  He can take the power, and use it for himself.  The ability goes by many names; tuning, channeling, radio telepathy.  Most of all though he suspects that he's not the only one with this sixth sense. 

After years of being the only Channeler in Japan, Kazuki travels with his brother, Satoshi to America.  His wish to find other Channelers comes true when he finds people using channeling for dancing, or singing, or... fighting.  And Kazuki quickly learns that when two Channelers fight, all hell breaks loose. 

Are you the type of person that likes to dive into something head-first? Getting out there and actually taking pictures is the best way to master photography. But how many failed photos will you take along the way? Covering only the essentials, and how they are applied to the NEX, this crash course will get you out there shooting quality photos without bogging you down in unnecessary details.

The NEX-3N is Sony's effort to court the point and shoot crowd. A large sensor coaxed into a small body was the basis for the NEX line, but the 3N takes it to a new level by incorporating the new collapsible zoom lens as well as a dedicated zoom lever. Finally with these two features the 3N is closer to a point and shoot camera in body and design but approaching a professional DSLR in picture quality.

If you're a beginner moving up from a point and shoot or even a cell phone and taking a step out of your comfort zone, then this book can be the safety net you need to ensure you get the shots and not the flops.

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King Rolt has cast his poison daughters across the realm. With skirmishes on the Greenlyn border, Denwar preparing for battle, and Ralvek being drawn into the fray – his daughters need only play their parts and Migorill will become the sole power in the land. That is, if everything proceeds as planned...

Unfortunately for Rolt, the loyalties of blood are not as strong as he had hoped. Elizabeth, his second daughter, is determined to put the schemes of her father to an end. She has thrown her lot in with Adric, a Greenlyn Corporal, in an open declaration against her sire. He has seen the strength of Migorill's royal line, and if they should fail, Elizabeth will bring the fight to her father with her own two hands.

Like father, like daughter.

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